The Rio Grande is drying and needs help.

Rio Grande Waterkeeper is the confluence of two great forces for nature—WildEarth Guardians and Waterkeeper Alliance—leveraging our collective expertise to safeguard and reconnect the lifeblood of the desert southwest.

Photo: Adriel Heisey

A river stretched beyond its means

Nineteenth-century water law, twentieth-century infrastructure, and twenty-first-century population growth and climate change are devastating the Rio Grande.

Lifeblood of the desert

The third-longest river in the United States, the Rio Grande is vital to the history of the desert southwest. It is, literally and figuratively, the lifeblood of the region. Like any living thing, the Rio has a pulse. When that pulse dies, those who depend on the Rio as an ecological, cultural, and economic engine suffer.

Photo: Adriel Heisey

Together, we can restore the pulse.

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